Why should I buy from you?

Why should a prospective customer buy from you?  Before you answer that, Quality, Service and On Time Delivery don’t count.  All three are “table stakes”.  Everyone claims those; they don’t make you different.  They make you the same as everyone else.  You’ll never hear someone say our quality is subpar, our service is mediocre and our delivery is usually late. 

It’ll take some thinking.  Maybe you are, in fact, the low cost producer and your prices are always the lowest.  If that’s true, shout it from the mountain tops, but you better be right.  Do you offer some product exclusively in your market?  Your prospects cannot buy it from anyone else.  That’s special and makes you different.  Can you ship in one day like Amazon Prime?  Does your customer service answer the phone 365/7/24? That’s huge; claim it.  What do you do to make it Easy to do business with us?  Figure that out and tell everyone.

Gather your team and figure it out.  What differentiates us from our competitors?  Keep in mind, when talking to a prospect that has never bought from you, all your differentiators are just promises.  Be prepared to back up your claims.  Secondly, make sure all the salespeople are telling the same story consistently.  Your website should have the same message as well as all your social media.

Too many companies do not offer clear differentiators.  If you don’t, you force your customer to go to the lowest common denominator…..PRICE.  Or, if your competitor offers clear differences they force you to match them or lose.  How many times has that happened to you?  Do you even know it happened?

How will you answer the question: “Give me three reasons I should buy from you and not from your competitor?”

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