Was that good for you?

I was recently reminded of the power of follow up. I’m talking more than follow up on a proposal, everyone does that (well, almost everyone).  I’m talking about after order has been fulfilled.  If your orders entail extensive interaction with a customer (i.e. on site at their location or repeated interaction with your customer), do you follow up post order?

There are two good reasons to make this a regular standard operating procedure (SOP) in your sales process. First, if there was problem, let’s find out about it early before it turns into a BIG problem. Be proactive. You can diffuse a potential “he said, she said” argument that will arise later.  Solving a problem is a great opportunity to demonstrate just how great you are.

Secondly, let’s say everything went well. Your customer is over the top thrilled with the outcome.  She feels absolutely brilliant for having engaged you. Your claims and promises were all fulfilled. This has become your favorite success story.  It is now time for your follow up. Call your customer and listen to the accolades. It will make you feel good! Thank them for being such a great customer and what better time to ask that delighted customer for a referral or testimonial? Refer to last month’s issue for tips on how to ask for the referral.

On the other hand, if you have customers that repeatedly order from you, don’t fall into the “no news, is good news” trap. Confirm that your relationship is still in good standing. A personal call expressing gratitude for their continued trust and faith in you will be well received. More than once I’ve heard those customers sound surprised that someone follows up to say thank you.

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