Wake Up, the World is Changing.

Change is constant in every aspect of business including sales.

Here’s the question; have you at least embraced current – if not bleeding edge – technology and processes?  Think about the following:

Are you continuing your education?

I am amazed when salespeople tell me they don’t have time to read articles, blogs or books on sales topics.  What other profession has so many members refusing to stay current on their livelihood?

Google sales topic blogs and you find 52.2 million responses in 0.42 seconds.  Just on the first page are some really good ones.  Try a few.

If you prefer reading books, go to Amazon and search for sales books and you will find 200,000 entries. Pick one.

We all spend too much time driving from appointment to appointment.  If that time is spent listening to talk radio, sports or music you are wasting valuable time.  Try Audible from Amazon and listen to some great books.

Investing an hour a day to get smarter is not asking too much.

I am not a fan of one day quick study seminars.  If your manager is a great sales coach, you are one of a lucky few.  Lean into it.

Are you prepared for that first interaction?

Today, nearly 60% of B2B buying steps are completed before buyers connect with a salesperson.

When you call a prospect, they can pull up your company website and your LinkedIn profile before you finish your introduction.

Visit a prospect’s website before you make contact.  Get a basic understanding of their business.  Google the company for latest news on the prospect.  Opening your call with “tell me about your business” makes you sound stupid.

Know more than…

Knowing your product and services and the benefits they bring to your customers are table stakes, the baseline, the bare minimum you need to know.

What sets you above the rest is knowing your customer’s industry.  Learn their competition as well as your competition.  Customers are looking for a resource; not just another sales pitch.

Your JOB is more than selling product and services.  Your job is to educate your buyer and teach them what’s next and what they need to remain relevant.

Your GOAL is to develop a partnership instead of a transactional relationship.

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