When a business owner seeks out help in hiring top sales performers, we follow a seven-step plan that's gleaned from decades of sales management experience.

First, we define a profile of your ideal candidate — for instance, detail-oriented vs. big-picture thinker — because it's essential to know who you're looking for. Second, we nail down a job description with nitty-gritty details of how, where and when your salespeople will be expected to work.

At the third step, as candidate resumes come flooding in, Burrall Associates conducts first interviews, makes assessments, and prepares a short list of candidates for you to consider.

Step four: to help you get the most from interviews, we provide questions you can pose to candidates, along with specific answers to listen for. Step five involves knowing when to make the job offer and creating a commission structure to yield the results you want.

In step six, we provide a detailed and intelligent training plan for the new hire's all-important first 90 days. And finally, in step seven, we coach the new hire through a six-month ramp-up period.

We're here for you

Although these seven steps provide a blueprint, every company and every hiring situation is different, and our guidance is geared to your needs. Call us today at 262-377-2838 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

About Mark Burrall

Mark Burrall has more than 30 years of sales management, marketing leadership and general management experience in a variety of industries. He has developed and directed OEM, rep and distributor sales channels, marketing plans and compensation programs.

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