Stop saying That!

Are there some things that salespeople should never say?  I think so and I’ve been in this game for 40+ years.  That gives me some credibility to determine proper from improper things I hear tumbling forth from salespeople’s mouths.

Here are some phrases that make me wince and think, “Really!?, did you actually say THAT?”

“Trust me!”

Does that need to be said? Your words are worthless if you don’t prove trustworthy.  This phrase seems like a last resort when you are about to lose an order.  Maybe you could actually demonstrate you are trustworthy.  Then, you won’t have to tell them!

“How are you today?”

This usually comes right after the caller establishes you are the person he wants.  Yikes!  How many times have you heard that from cold callers of yester-year?  It doesn’t build rapport, it turns people off.  What if you said, “I’m having a rotten day, thanks for asking.”  I wonder what you’ll hear in response.

 “What will it take to earn your business?”

Umm…give me something for free?  I’ve been tempted to say, “You will earn it by saying something intelligent!”  I’ve always subscribed to the idea that an interested buyer will ask ME what the next steps are to closing the deal.

 “This is a limited offer”

Ya, right!  I get a monthly email from a software company telling me I only have one week remaining on this offer. That began in December.  I see one of those big yellow and black signs on store fronts shouting, “Going out of business, everything must Go!”

 “I give you my word” or “My word is my bond”

That sounds good in a 1960’s western movie.  In today’s litigious society everyone wants written confirmation. Just saying it doesn’t make it right or true.  Don’t waste your breath.

 “Let me be honest with you!” or “I’m not going to lie!”

What? Were you lying to me before?  Were you not honest with me earlier?  The unsaid message is that everything I’ve said up to now is suspect.  But, from now on; nothing but the truth!

There are probably another 3 or 4 useless sayings depending on where you live.  If you have one you love to hate, send it to me at

Purge these phrases from your repertoire.  They make you sound sleazy.  

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