Still Using These Out-Dated Sales Techniques?

Salespeople and sales manager are sometimes change resistant, but there comes a time when we have to take advantage of the latest and greatest ideas. Here are few that we encounter too often with some suggestions for improvement:

Reliance on the PC – just about anything that is done on PC can now be done on a smartphone or tablet. There isn’t any need to lug a laptop around anymore. If you use a CRM program, does it offer a mobile version? Salespeople need to maximize their time in front of customers and prospects. Sitting in front of computer in their office is the least productive use of their time. Utilize that 10 minutes immediately following your sales call to enter some notes on phone or tablet.

Poor Hiring Process – hiring based solely on longevity can be deadly. The landscape has changed. Someone with 20 years in same job is unlikely to have the varied experience of a candidate with more than one applicable job. Doing the same thing over and over may suggest an unwillingness to learn something new.

Cold Calling – the introduction of a variety of CRM software applications should make this practice almost obsolete. Is your marketing content accessible, customer focused, and organized properly? It should be generating some leads for you. Are you using business networking tools like LinkedIn to get and remain connected? Your cold calling should be used to only backfill open time caused by broken appointments or unscheduled sales time.

Over Educating Your Prospect – most people in a buying position have done some research before you walk in the door; they are more educated than in the past. They are looking for a solution to their immediate problem and are not particularly interested in ALL the products or services you offer. Your goal should be to help them reach a logical solution to that immediate problem.

A Singular Sales Process: Are you still selling the same way to every customer? How do you differentiate yourself from your competition and how much do you know about your customer before you show up? Are you selling the way you want to sell or the way your customer wants to buy?

If you are losing customers or not getting your share of the business in your market, it could be your competition is getting smarter and changing with your customer’s buying habits. It’s time to embrace change and not avoid it.


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