Someday I will swim the English Channel

Last week my son successfully swam the English Channel.  He crossed the 21 miles in 10hrs 8min.  I was on the escort boat watching his coach, his wife, the official observer, the skipper and one crew work as a team to do everything possible for Grant to have a successful outcome.  It was a great team effort!

But, that’s the end of the story.  The beginning of the story began 5 years ago when he set this BHAG (Big Harry Audacious Goal).  Then followed the daily training, the qualifying events, securing a coach, a nutritionist, a boat and skipper and getting an official observer from the Channel Swimming Association (founded in 1875) to be on the boat for his solo swim.

I write this not just because I am an incredibly proud father, but because I wonder how many of us have a BHAG.  Some may call it a Bucket List, but those are not always BHAGs.  As titled this goal has to be BIG.  It has to be HAIRY; really out of the ordinary.  It has to be AUDACIOUS.  Do you have one?  Have you already accomplished yours?

Year after year we set goals and that’s a good thing.  We achieve many and miss a few, but do you have a goal that is risky, that transcends everyday goals and really stretches your boundaries? It will probably take longer than a year to accomplish and while success is big, the sting of failure lasts a long, long time.

As leaders of teams, parents, coaches and mentors think about challenging your reports, children, players and mentees to really stretch themselves.  Help them get organized, make their plans and begin their quest.

Sales quote: “Work Hard. Dream Big”

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