You know your industry like the back of your hand. You’re trained, experienced and provide your clients incredible value. But providing that service is only part of your job. Many professionals such as lawyers, bankers and accountants have to put on their sales hat at all times – without having the sufficient training to do so.

Here's how we can develop your Business Development individual or team into a serious sales machine:


Conduct personalized coaching in person, by phone and over email to review plans, and discuss your specific goals and approach. Includes debriefing calls to review your results.


Facilitate workshops to help with sales call preparation, sales call opening, setting agendas, conducting business (selling) discussions, listening skills and closing calls. Walk away with language and best practices you can use again and again.

Goal Setting

Work with your team and individuals to set realistic, appropriate business and sales goals. Set activity goals (networking, face to face calls, cold calls, CRM implementation) that will have a direct impact on those business goals.

Marketing Value Statements

Lead the process of creating value and competitive advantage statements that can then be used in customer calls, networking, cold calling and marketing efforts.


Identify appropriate networking targets that best fit your team's and each individual’s goals.

Client Base Analysis

Review your existing client base to identify high impact opportunities.

Product and Service Opportunities

Determine the products and services that make the biggest impact on your company’s bottom line, as well as which make the best “door openers” during the sales process.


Identify how and where to do prospecting, including how to generate referrals through networking efforts.

Contact us to put together a customized sales plan for your professional services team!

"Gil has been instrumental in training, focusing, and motivating our commercial lending team. His collaborative and personal approach to working with our young team has helped them grow quickly and confidently. His supportive style fits our culture perfectly. The result has been improved accountability, specific goal setting, increased activity and actual measurable results. Gil has been a great resource for our team and the bank."

John B.
Community Bank CEO