By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.
Half will be in leadership positions.

We hear a lot of complaining about the millennial generation. The two statistics above suggest we need to do more than just complain. This generation is coming into the workforce not like a wave, but rather a Tsunami!

Recently, the millennial generation surpassed the Baby Boomers as the largest generation. There are approximately 83 million Millennials and 75 million Baby Boomers. More alarming is that Boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per DAY!

Communication between the generations has become a real challenge. The divide has become much deeper with advances in technology. What started with email has blossomed into Snapchat, Skype, texting, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. We have more and quicker ways of communicating than ever in the history of mankind.

Having trouble communicating with other generations at work?

Mark and Carey Burrall offer an informative and engaging keynote presentation on Cross Generational Communication.

As a Millennial do you think sitting in an office from 8 to 5 is a needless waste of time? As a Boomer do you wonder why you can’t get a response to your email or voice mail in less than 24 hours? It’s as if you are trying to communicate in two foreign languages.

Is work/life balance achievable, have you tried reverse mentoring? These and many more topics are addressed during this keynote.

Listen to Carey and Mark on WTMJ620 Radio All Business with Dr. David Borst.

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Mark is the Boomer and Carey the Millennial. Exchanging perspective, offering insight and making suggestions that will help you communicate better across the generations – whether you are a Boomer, an Xer or Millennial you will find this interactive presentation enlightening and worthwhile. This is not a problem “that will just go away.”

Don't miss an opportunity to have Mark and Carey shed some light on the generational communication gap you may be experiencing. Contact us today to schedule this engaging keynote presentation for your trade association, employee gathering, or symposium.