“I’ll Get Back to You…”

One of the problems with today’s technology is the ease with which prospects can ignore you.

Here’s a scenario I suspect you have experienced.  You have a good meeting with a new prospect.  Discussions are detailed.  The work they want you to do is well within your company’s capability.  The budget allocated for the part, project or service appears to be in range.  As you begin to wind down that first meeting each of you compiles a short list of action items.  You stand to shake hands with the prospect, smile broadly, thank them for the time allotted and bid them farewell promising, “I’ll get back to you”.

Wrong and wrong again

Do not leave that first meeting without setting a mutually agreed upon hard follow up date and time for the next meeting.  Volunteer to send a calendar meeting invitation to your prospect –then do that before you leave the parking lot outside the prospect’s building.

Failing to set a date and time certain greatly reduces the possibility of months of unanswered emails and voice messages.  Note, I did not say it eliminates the problem, but it sure makes it less likely to happen.

On a related topic, when you find yourself not getting call backs from prospects, try changing things up a bit.  Call at odd hours.  If you know the time your prospect arrives at work; call five minutes before that time.  You might catch them coming in early to get some work done. Another option is to call over lunchtime.  Many buyers and engineers eat lunch at their desks. They might absentmindedly pick up.  Yet another tactic is to call or text their cell phone.  This is particularly effective if they publish their cell number on their business card or email signature.

It’s all about being deliberate in your sales process.  Repetition causes you to be more professional and more effective.  Give it a try.

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