Drip, Drip, Drip

Back in March 2017 I wrote about “Check In” Calls Make You Sound Dumb. It generated a lot of responses. I want to add a little more to that line of thinking.

This newsletter is perfect example of what we’ve come to call Drip Marketing. My intention is to offer content without a hard call to action. You might think of it as soft sell. After 100+ editions of Pathfinder I can assure you; it works!

We all have dormant prospects. You met them once and they seemed interested, but timing wasn’t right, or some similar excuse. It was a good meeting, but we knew nothing was going to happen anytime soon. We promised to stay in touch, but didn’t.

Here’s a thought; build content that you can email to that ever growing list of prospects (or past customers) on some regular basis. It shouldn’t be weekly – that’s annoying. It shouldn’t be 6 months – that’s not enough.

Content isn’t always “we have a new product and you should buy it”. However, announcing a new product can be good content as long as it isn’t every mailing.

Better subject matter is that with a broader appeal. For example, industry news. XYZ Company was acquired by ABC and that means… to our industry. Or, ACME Company just introduced a new product that works well with our P345 product. Broader still “the federal government just approved…” and that’s good for all of us because…

Making others aware of newsworthy topics is very good content. The new tax reform act is full of impactful items for small and medium sized businesses. Pick out a few tidbits, site the source and send them out to your mailing list. It gives you credibility and makes you look professional. What’s better than that?

Wondering where to find content? LinkedIn is a great source and sources are usually sited. The same goes for industry trade associations. Check out their websites. This takes a little time and a little effort, but will pay dividends in the long term.


Sales quote: “The great gift of human imagination is that it has no limits or ending.”



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