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Avoid Premature Pricing

Ever see this happen? Early in the initial conversation the prospect asks, “So, how much is this going to cost?” Before you know it the salesperson is spending hours of his time, hours of engineering and who knows how many hours of other people’s time coming up with an elaborate proposal. We usually uncover this… Read more »

Test Your Sales Process

We are at the halfway point in the year and are you wondering if you will end the year on target? With five months remaining you should have a pretty good idea where you will be at year end. We often find client sales teams with bulging pipelines, frustrated salespeople and no clue if they… Read more »

It Was a Bad Hire, Fire Him Now!

We often run into the question “how much time do we give a new salesperson to demonstrate success?” Almost always managers wait too long. Much of the problem lies in the hiring process. Too many organizations lack a hiring process and frankly, do not hire well. But let’s assume you have a reasonable process and… Read more »