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Woody Allen was right!

Woody Allen is quoted as saying “80% of success is showing up”. I get it; we are all busy and time is a precious resource. Nonetheless, we must remember to stay connected with customers and friends. The past two weeks have been crazy busy. Apparently, all those who lost my phone number found it again…. Read more »

Do You Really Know Your Customer?

I recently read about a Gallup study claiming 71% of your B2B customers are NOT committed to staying with you and your company. More disturbing is that they are actively looking at your competitors. This may well be due to how we treat our customers (email blasts, one size fits all selling techniques, etc.). In… Read more »

Engage the Gatekeeper

I’ve always wondered why some salespeople unintentionally, or intentionally choose to ignore or dismiss the receptionist, entry guard, administrative assistant, or whatever the current terminology is for those charged with monitoring the flow of traffic to those we want to meet. It’s just stupid. On just a human level it’s rude. I can hear some… Read more »

Say You Are Sorry: Quickly and Effectively

Too many salespeople avoid having to say they’re sorry. They fail to see it as an opportunity to “turn lemons into lemonade”. Your customer service manager just came into your office with hair on fire to tell you that a customer’s angry. It could be a pricing issue, a delayed shipment, a quality problem or… Read more »

Is Networking a Waste of Time?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to attend networking events. Almost every conference I attend is preceded by “registration and networking”. By and large I have avoided these sessions. Recently, I read an article by Derek Coburn titled Don’t Waste Your Time on Networking Events that prompted me to reflect;… Read more »

How do you differentiate yourself?

Who cares about your Experience and Qualifications? I read and listen to hundreds sales presentations each year. I am continually surprised at how ineffective salespeople are at differentiating themselves and their company from the rest of the herd. My favorite is some variation of “we’ve been in business for 25 years.” Does anyone really care?… Read more »

They Know You Before You Show Up

It’s no surprise that the speed of business has accelerated dramatically in the past decade. Our customers have more resources at their fingertips than ever before. What used to take an hour of research in hard copy directories now takes mere seconds online. Not only do they know more about what they need/want to buy,… Read more »