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Move Up the Org Chart

You have probably heard this before; “you must call on the decision makers”.  The difficulty has been identifying who that person is in an organization.  It almost all cases it isn’t purchasing.  Our friends in purchasing are primarily concerned with negotiating the lowest price for any goods or services.  It’s in their job description.  In… Read more »

That is a dumb question!

Whoever said there is no such thing as a dumb question hasn’t met some of the salespeople I encounter. For the most part I work with really effective and professional salespeople.  However, over the years I have heard about and occasionally witnessed some incredibly dumb questions come out of the mouths of salespeople. Here are… Read more »

Stop saying That!

Are there some things that salespeople should never say?  I think so and I’ve been in this game for 40+ years.  That gives me some credibility to determine proper from improper things I hear tumbling forth from salespeople’s mouths. Here are some phrases that make me wince and think, “Really!?, did you actually say THAT?”… Read more »

C’mon, Let’s Negotiate!

At some point during your sales process you will get to some level of negotiation.  It is often price, but can also be delivery, terms, accessories, or even items unrelated to this sale.  Understanding there are no guarantees in anything we do, here are a few simple tips that will help you reach a positive… Read more »

You are NOT calling on the right person!

Well, that’s a shocking headline.  The simple truth is, more often than not, multiple people are involved in the buying decision.  Some research suggests it is often more than five.  Think about it.  You have your contact, their boss(es), purchasing, the controller and maybe someone in manufacturing or engineering.  You may be calling on one… Read more »

Wake Up, the World is Changing.

Change is constant in every aspect of business including sales. Here’s the question; have you at least embraced current – if not bleeding edge – technology and processes?  Think about the following: Are you continuing your education? I am amazed when salespeople tell me they don’t have time to read articles, blogs or books on… Read more »