Author: Mark Burrall

Tell me what I want to know… no more.

One of the things that drives customers crazy is a salesperson who talks too much.  Coming off a couple of months sheltering in place, I understand the need for social interaction.  Don’t succumb to the temptation to blabber on at your first sales call in 60-90 days. A good way to respond to the question… Read more »

New Normal, What’s Normal?

Last month I mentioned Coronavirus more as an inconvenience, never thinking of a Pandemic.  Now we are practicing “Safe at Home”.  Whew, how quickly our world tipped upside down. We have learned a lot in a few weeks.  We have adjusted in so many ways by implementing technology.  Zoom reports user increase from 10 million… Read more »

Get off your butt redux!

A few months ago I wrote about nothing replacing the personal sales call.  That hasn’t changed.  What has changed, for those of you with fly territories, is the Coronavirus.  SXSW (South by Southwest) the big conference in Austin, TX was cancelled.  Soccer games in Italy are being played in empty stadiums.  Getting on an airplane… Read more »

Too small; BIG PROBLEM

Not everyone is a prospect for your product or service.  Not every prospect is a good one.   The economy is strong and customers are expecting shorter lead times and lower prices.  As we review client customer lists we often see way too many small customers.  The 80/20 concept works.  Focus your energy and time… Read more »

We don’t need no stinkin’ resolutions!

This title is paraphrased from a famous line in movies from 1948, 1967 and 1974… Google the first five words. January brings the annual guilt trip caused by breaking or not making New Year’s resolutions.  I’m suggesting you forgo your weight loss resolution and instead implement some solid improvements in your everyday sales practice. Many of… Read more »

Dog Training

As near as I can figure about 60% of you reading this little blog are managers responsible for training your team.  It is to you that I address this edition. Mark Twain once said; “The more I learn about people, the more I like dogs.” I’ve often told my coaching clients there is a lot… Read more »

Get off your Butt!

There is a lot of noise around social media these days.  We hear about the importance of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Oh, and remember to write a blog and enhance your website regularly.  It’s all good stuff and you should do it. However, it doesn’t replace that one to one experience of a personal sales… Read more »

“I’m Not Worthy”

Back in the 90’s there was a bit on Saturday Night Live called Wayne’s World with Mike Myers (Wayne Campbell) and Dana Carvey (Garth Algar). One of the often used phrases was “We’re not worthy”.  So, where’s this going? When you meet a prospect for the first time, are you thinking, “I’m not worthy”? Or, do you walk in with… Read more »