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Closing the Deal… No Big Deal!

Too many salespeople think closing the deal is the final effort. In reality, you begin closing the deal at the beginning of your sales effort. Opening your call well is more important than how you close it; you have only a few minutes to establish yourself as a credible resource. Customers now know much more… Read more »

Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone What You Do

This applies mostly to guys, but ladies are invited to read on.  I’m not sure why, but gents seldom talk to their friends about their jobs – particularly salesmen.  Weird.  Ladies, on the other hand, frequently discuss the office, their boss, their customers, with friends and family. So, where am I going with this?  Too… Read more »


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"A lot of consultants offer mostly fluff, with some useful information mixed in. Mark cuts right to the the chase. You're not paying for unusable time spent."

Mike Mackley
Director of Sales, Tilsner Carton Co.