Very often emerging companies do not have the ability to adequately train their new salespeople. The talents that an experienced sales manager or owner may take for granted are all new to the rookie.

Skills that may seem obvious — like call planning, using and maintaining a calendar, territory management and email management — are new to the brand new recruit.

While larger corporations have training budgets and departments, smaller companies often fail to provide adequate training and coaching to their sales staff. This can lead to job dissatisfaction, poor performance and eventually separation.

Sometimes one-on-one coaching for your new or experienced salesperson is best. Yet, other times group training may be a better solution.

One On One Coaching vs. Group Training

Retention percentage from just sending your salespeople off to seminars and workshops has been proven, over the years, to be in the single digits. To have significant impact and measurable results do what the pros do — take a private lesson! If you have a small sales staff, our One On One Coaching may be the answer. We spend face to face time with each of your salespeople — individually. We will go along with them on sales calls, we prep before the call and debrief after the call. We help in planning their time, territory and account strategy. This is "up close and personal" coaching.

That isn't, however, always the answer. If you have a sales staff of eight or more we can apply our One On One principles to training your entire staff.

Our group training is unique in that we start with a thorough personal assessment of each member of your selling staff to determine their existing level of skills, strengths and areas for improvement. Next, we work with your staff and devote hands-on time in the field to understand your unique selling environment. Then, we customize our program to maximize the impact of your selling process through intensive classroom and role play activities. Finally, we reinforce the training through One On One coaching by training your sales manager or utilizing one of our consultants.

After both our training and our one-on-one sessions, we don't leave your salespeople hanging. We encourage phone and email contact. If they encounter a problem or a question that can't wait, help is only a phone call away.

The Results You Can Expect

We paint a "picture of success" early in the process so progress can be planned and measured.

  • Your Salespeople become more effective from real world focused sales training or coaching situations.
  • Their time and your resources are used most effectively.
  • Retention of skills learned increases from reinforcement of techniques over time producing a better payback on your sales training investment.
  • Your Salespeople sell more professionally, exude confidence and return higher volume, more profitable sales.

Not every salesperson we encounter will be successful. In fact, some shouldn't be in sales. We will tell you that and recommend you not spend time and money coaching someone with little or no probability for success.

About Gil Loppnow

Gil Loppnow

Gil Loppnow has over 30 years of professional sales experience in national sales and sales management in diverse industries which include consumer products, industrial equipment and healthcare. He has coached and developed both large and small teams with direct and multi-channel sales teams and is considered a relationship expert.

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