Vistage Wisconsin Q4 2018 CEO Confidence Index

Each quarter, Vistage surveys members that are CEOs of small to mid-sized businesses to produce the CEO Confidence Index. Vistage has been surveying CEOs of small to mid-sized businesses since 2003.

CEO Optimism sinks

The Q4 2018 Vistage CEO Confidence Index was 95.4, down from 103.0 in Q3. This report represents a comparison of data from 1257 respondents representing CEOs from small to midsized businesses in the US. Here are couple of key insights comparing this local data to national data include:

  • 44% of Wisconsin CEOs thought the national economy had improved in the past year (vs. 44% nationally).
  • 78% of Wisconsin CEOs expect to increase revenue in the year ahead (vs. 70% nationally).

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