By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce.
Half will be in leadership positions.

The #2020BEYOND opportunity will help your company identify future leaders and prepare up-and-coming Millennials for tomorrow’s leadership roles.

Why should your company participate in #2020BEYOND?

According to a Forbes article published in March of 2016: "Employers must identify Millennials with high potential and create a strong pipeline of talent that can fill the void left by Generation X employees as they move into senior leadership roles. Once these talented Millennials are on board, organizations need to invest in their training and development to ensure they have the tools to progress rapidly."

With Mark’s experience in business succession, he can prepare your future leaders. Ideal candidates for this program are young leaders in your company that you see as high potential that are on track to achieving a C-level position. The program will cover the following areas:

Self Awareness

By using self-assessment tools like Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Organization Analysis and Design (OAD), participants will learn how they-and others-view the world.

Leadership & Culture

An exceptional leader connects the company with the future through vision and culture development. By stepping out of their comfort zone, participants will develop and enhance their understanding of organizational change.

Growing Enterprise Value

Full immersion into the economics that underpin a business will be introduced. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of how to leverage the drivers of key performance metrics that deliver extraordinary financial performance.


The art of execution begins with a clear vision, which transitions into a culture of accountability. Participants will learn the key disciplines of successful execution: goal setting, measuring progress and accountability.

Upon the successful completion of the program your future leaders will develop:
  • More complex decision-making abilities
  • Deeper understanding of financial management knowledge to build culture within a company
  • Superior communications skills
  • Effective leadership techniques
  • Enhanced personal accountability

Leadership doesn't come with a manual.

#2020Beyond is a crash course in leadership. It combines the guidance of moderators who have years of experience running businesses and coaching employees/executives with a carefully cultivated curriculum. Add these components with a class of smart, articulate, driven young leaders and you have an intimate environment that breaks down barriers and forces you to look in the mirror at your personal leadership qualities. You will be a leader after #2020. Masha H., HPM PARTNERS

About Mark Burrall

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