In addition to executive and sales coaching, Mark Burrall facilitates three Vistage (formerly known as TEC) groups in Southeastern Wisconsin. Vistage is peers helping peers grapple, wrestle and come out on top with sound solutions to serious and significant business obstacles and, most importantly, new business opportunities.

Our membership network has experience with a wide gamut of issues including:

  • Working with entrepreneurs
  • Risk-taking
  • Dealing with ownership in transition
  • Finding the most effective personnel for your organization
  • Strategic planning
  • Company-wide benefit and retirement planning
  • Doing business globally
  • Implementing new technologies

What's The Process?

Vistage has four interesting features that support its mission of making CEOs more effective and enhancing their lives in the process:

  1. A personal one-on-one experience for up to two hours each month with an expert CEO coach who only has your business and personal interests in mind.
  2. A tightly knit group of fellow CEOs, presidents and business owners who regularly meet for one purpose: to help each other's bottom line and help each other reach their own best potential.
  3. Top business thinkers from around the U.S. sharing their expertise on subjects critical to the leadership and successful management of today's tough business challenges. Imagine this kind of stimulating exposure in the company of your fellow Vistage group participants every month or so.
  4. Vistage members from around the world can access that links over 22,000 members 24 hours a day. You can use the site to build new business relationships, learn about new business approaches, enter into ongoing dialogs on current strategic issues, and seek help in reaching new global markets or exploring new business opportunities.

"Being a CEO, you learn by doing. Through Vistage, you learn there isn't one right way of tackling things. It helps you find all the opportunities out there."

James Yarger
President, Endece, Inc

About Mark Burrall

Mark Burrall has more than 30 years of sales management, marketing leadership and general management experience in a variety of industries. He has developed and directed OEM, rep and distributor sales channels, marketing plans and compensation programs.

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