About Gil Loppnow

Gil has over 30 years of sales, sales management, sales training and business ownership experience in a variety of industries that include technology, service and manufacturing. He has directed very large scale opportunities that included multiple suppliers and subcontractors to secure large multimillion dollar sales. He managed a large regional sales, service and technical support office of a multinational company. He has hired, developed and promoted multiple sales professionals and sales managers. Gil is an expert at recognizing and developing sales talent and preparing them for the next level.

Gil's Sales Training Process

Over the years, Gil has developed and delivered custom sales training programs to multiple companies in various industries. His vast experience and teaching and training background, have resulted in focused sales training that meets the clients needs through group and one on one sessions. The combination of 30+ years of Sales and Sales Management experience along with teaching and training experience make Gil a valued resource for any size company.

Demonstrated Experience and Sales Strengths:

  • Understanding of small business owner issues as former small business owner for 10 years
  • Hiring and training both new and experienced sales professionals
  • Sales manager mentoring and coaching
  • Large account management development
  • Developing sales process and staffing new business startups
  • Developing strategic relationships to help secure large business opportunities
  • Marketing department management

Gil has the experience to identify with business owners as well as the complexity of all size corporations. There are few situations that he does not have some idea or suggestions for solving. His creativity and enthusiasm for selling and developing people help him maximize clients skills and abilities.

Gil Loppnow

"Gil has helped my service providers develop professional selling skills that have made them more valuable to my Firm. He also helps sharpen my focus in business development"

Fred Sitzberger - Sitzberger Widmann & Co., S.C.