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Stop saying That!

Are there some things that salespeople should never say?  I think so and I’ve been in this game for 40+ years.  That gives me some credibility to determine proper from improper things I hear tumbling forth from salespeople’s mouths. Here are some phrases that make me wince and think, “Really!?, did you actually say THAT?”… Read more »

Are you insane?

It’s a regular occurrence in sports teams. One team gets really good.  They start winning more games and maybe go undefeated in a season.  Then they win the BIG game and are crowned World Champs.  What follows the next few years is fairly common. First there is talk of repeat and then three-peat.  It rarely… Read more »


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"A lot of consultants offer mostly fluff, with some useful information mixed in. Mark cuts right to the the chase. You're not paying for unusable time spent."

Mike Mackley
Director of Sales, Tilsner Carton Co.