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Clone Your Best Customers

I’ve written about this before, so if you are proficient at profiling your customer base, you may stop reading now and have a good day. As my clients are coming out of the COVID recession, the really smart ones are looking at their customer base and deciding where they will invest time and energy re-building… Read more »

Move Up the Org Chart

You have probably heard this before; “you must call on the decision makers”.  The difficulty has been identifying who that person is in an organization.  It almost all cases it isn’t purchasing.  Our friends in purchasing are primarily concerned with negotiating the lowest price for any goods or services.  It’s in their job description.  In… Read more »


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"A lot of consultants offer mostly fluff, with some useful information mixed in. Mark cuts right to the the chase. You're not paying for unusable time spent."

Mike Mackley
Director of Sales, Tilsner Carton Co.